How to Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure from 18c to 19c

This post illustrates step by step how to upgrade Oracle 18c GI to 19c GI.

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Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure from to 18c


  • Pre-requisite checks
    • User ID for both oracle and grid user
    • Oracle ASM LIB configurations
    • Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC Packages
    • Stop Transparent HugePages
    • install cvuqdisk
    • grid/oracle profiles
    • Check and setup resource Limits
    • Run ORAchk utility to have pre-upgrading checks
    • run the command stage -pre crsinst -upgrade to check the readiness of your Oracle Clusterware installation for upgrades
    • Download and apply the latest opatch utility onto GI home and DB homes
  • Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Post Oracle Grid Infrastructure Upgrading
    • Check SCAN configuration
    • Post Upgrading Cluster Verification
    • Run Orachk -u -o post
    • Check all cluster resource status

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Restarting Oracle Clusterware OUI after failed due to Network Issue

Due to the network issue, when upgrading gird infrastructure to,  “’ failed, and also ‘’ OUI disappeared.

Luckily we can continue to the upgrading process as following.

1) Rerun ‘’ on racnode1.

2) then run ‘’ on racnode2.

3) Run ‘’ OUI from VNC viewer X window:

[grid@racnode1 ~]$ /u01/app/ -skipPrereqs 
         -executeConfigTools -responseFile /home/grid/grid_12102_12201.rsp
Launching Oracle Grid Infrastructure Setup Wizard...

You can find the logs of this session at:

The response file was manually saved from previous ‘’, which failed due to network issue.

Either you can find the same response file from directory ‘/u01/app/’.

Make sure to use the latest right response file.

[grid@racnode1 install]$ ls -ltr /home/grid/grid_12102_12201.rsp
-rw-r--r-- 1 grid oinstall 35310 Jan13 22:01/home/grid/grid_12102_12201.rsp

[grid@racnode1 install]$ ls -ltr /u01/app/
total 112
-rw-r----- 1 grid oinstall 1541 May21 2016 sample.ccf
-rw-r----- 1 grid oinstall 35087 Jan27 2017 gridsetup.rsp
-rw-r--r-- 1 grid oinstall 34357 Jan27 2017 grid_2017-01-26_04-10-28PM.rsp
-rw-r--r-- 1 grid oinstall 35310 Jan13 22:04 grid_2020-01-13_09-59-39PM.rsp
Start Upgrade GI Upgrade GI Finish Finish