Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure from to 18c


  • Pre-requisite checks
    • User ID for both oracle and grid user
    • Oracle ASM LIB configurations
    • Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC Packages
    • Stop Transparent HugePages
    • install cvuqdisk
    • grid/oracle profiles
    • Check and setup resource Limits
    • Run ORAchk utility to have pre-upgrading checks
    • run the command runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -upgrade to check the readiness of your Oracle Clusterware installation for upgrades
    • Download and apply the latest opatch utility onto GI home and DB homes
  • Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Post Oracle Grid Infrastructure Upgrading
    • Check SCAN configuration
    • Post Upgrading Cluster Verification
    • Run Orachk -u -o post
    • Check all cluster resource status

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