How To Resume Suspended Database Mirroring In SQL Server

In SQL Server Management Studio, Right click principle database -> properties -> Mirroring, the click Resume button. The alternative way is to right click principle database -> Tasks -> Mirror, the click Resume button.

We can also run the following Transact-SQL query to resume the database mirroring:


To check the synchronizing progressing by running following Transact-SQL query:

SELECT [counter_name] as CounterName,[cntr_value] as CounterValue
FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters
WHERE [object_name] LIKE ('%Database Mirroring%')
AND [counter_name] IN ('Log Send Queue KB','Redo Queue KB')
AND [instance_name]='TESTDB';

CounterName	      CounterValue
Redo Queue KB     1260219                                                                                              
Log Send Queue KB 8407945                                                                                      

“Redo Queue KB” : Logs to applied onto mirroring database.
“Log Send Queue KB” : Logs to be sent to mirroring database.

Another alternative way to check mirroring status and statistics:

Right click principle database -> Tasks -> Launch Database Mirroring Monitor.

Database Mirror Monitor

Click History, you can find when the mirror broke:


Step by Step Setting Up SQL Server Always On Availability Group

This post demonstrates how to build SQL-Server High Availability feature Always On. All the step by step building procedures make use of Virtual machine, Windows OS, Networks, Active Directory Domain, DNS, Firewall, SQL Server, Clustering, etc.


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Failover Cluster: Event ID 1257 Every 15 Minutes

For a newly created cluster,  there are many Event ID 1257 cluster events shown on Failover Cluster Manager.

Cluster network name resource failed registration of one or more associated
 DNS name(s) because the access to update the secure DNS zone was denied.

cluster Network name: 'Cluster Name'
DNS Zone: 'DNS Zone'

Ensure that cluster name object (CNO) is granted permissions to Secure 
DNS Zone.

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