How to Restrict Parallel Server Processes Running on Specific Oracle RAC Nodes

For this SQL, I want all the parallel processes running on this node or those nodes only.

All Oracle DBA knows, by default, the parallel server processes spawned to execute a SQL statement can operate on any or all Oracle RAC nodes in the cluster.

For big indexes rebuilding , a client wants all the parallel server processes running on specific node(s).

There are two easy ways to achieve this without bouncing database required.

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BSOD/DPC Watchdog Violation Whenever WIFI is Enabled


Every time when wifi is enabled, the PC crashes with BSOD/DPC Watchlog Violation error as below:


  • Windows 10 64bit Home Edition.
  • TP-link Archer T4E AC1200 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter 

After disabled wifi adapter, rebooted the PC successfully without any errors, then tried to enable wifi adapter, system crashed with BSOD screen.

After disabled wifi or set wifi to MANUAL, restarted PC, then PC operated normally while offline.  As soon as connecting PC to wifi, PC froze, then BSOD/DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION.

The following methods have been tried, but still without luck.

  • Tried restoring from earliest available restore point.
  • Uninstalled driver and installed the driver download from TP-LINK website.
  • Uninstalled driver and installed the driver from original CD.
  • Uninstalled driver, and found only two drivers left. one is from RealTek ( rtwlane.sys) and another driver is Windows native ( vwifibus.sys )
  • Uninstalled device from device manager, then scan device back again.
  • Uninstalled VPN and anti-virus software.


Download and install WinDbg

Download and install WinDbg as per Download Debugging Tools for Windows

Run WinDbg

a) Click Start -> All Programs -> Windows Administrative Tool -> Windows Kits ->WinDbg( X64).

b)Select File -> Symbol file path and modify it to suit your situation, then copy and paste it into the box and click OK.

I suggest and use the following as Symbol Path:


c) Select File ->Select Open Crash Dump, and then navigate to the MEMORY.DMP file originated created under C:\Windows, and select Open.

d)Click on ” ! analyze -v

From the above screen, we can see driver “rtwlane.sys” used by “TP-link Archer T4E AC1200 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter” contributed to the BSOD issue.


Wonder why TP-Link uses RealTek driver ?

For further test, plug another USB Wireless Adaptor, and found it still use the same driver as “rtwlane.sys“, and the result is still same not working.

After a couple of days further testing and investigation, the problem was identified, and resolved by just modifying one configuration, and now connect to wifi without any issues every time. .


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How to Run ADR Command Interpreter(adrci) from OMS and Agent Oracle Home

Run adrci command from OEM 13c OMS or OEM 13c Agent ORACLE_HOME, and get “No ADR base is set” error.

$ adrci
ADRCI: Release - Production on Tue Sep 8 20:57:51 2020
Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
No ADR base is set

Here are the steps of how to run adrci properly from OMS or Agent ORACLE_HOME.

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How to Configure SQL Developer to Connect to SQL Server

Using Oracle SQL Developer to Connect to Microsoft SQL Server

A client likes to use Oracle SQL Developer to connect to Microsoft SQL server. During the configurations, some errors occurred. This post shows how to resolve the configuration issues from Oracle SQL Developer and third party libraries .

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How to Relocate Base Directory of Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent

As per Oracle doc, upgraded OEM 12c agents to 13c with following steps:

To upgrade agents via OEM console->Manage Cloud Control ->Upgrade agents -> Agent Upgrade tasks-> ……

To clean up old agents home after upgrading via OEM console ->Manage Cloud Control -> Upgrade agents -> Post Agent Upgrade tasks -> ……

After Oracle Enterprise Manager Agents have been upgraded from 12c to 13c, the new agent binary is still under old agent base directory like “/u01/app/oracle/product/agent12g/agent_13.″.

For having a meaningful naming and future convenience, I’d like to relocate the agent base directory from “/u01/app/oracle/product/agent12g” to “/u01/app/oracle/product/agent” with following steps:

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