How to Shrink Tablespace SYSMGMTDATA in -MGMTDB

Cluster Health Monitor ( CHM) tables could be fragmented in MGMTDB database

In another post Tablespace SYSMGMTDATA Is Full in GIMR Database (-MGMTDB), we introduced how to truncate Cluster Health Monitor ( CHM) tables to get space back, but did not solve the tablespace high water mark( HWM ) problem.

This post demonstrate how to shrink tablespace SYSMGMTDATA online without outage.

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SYSMGMTDATA tablespace shrinked from 30GB down to 4GB, also give a maximum size to avoid out of space issue.

SQL>alter database datafile '+OCR_VOTE/_MGMTDB/FD9B43BF6A646F8CE043B6A9E80A2815/DATAFILE/sysmgmtdata.269.922884445' autoextend on maxsize 4096m;

Database altered.

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