CertUtil: The system cannot find the file specified

During implementation of Oracle Centrally Managed Users (CMU), the trusted certificate needs to be exported from Active Directory Server, then the following error message occurs :

c:\Windows\System32>certutil -ca.cert root.crt
CertUtil: The system cannot find the file specified.

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Now export Certificate again Successfully.

c:\Windows\System32>certutil -ca.cert root.crt
CA cert[0]: 3 -- Valid
CA cert[0]:

CertUtil: -ca.cert command completed successfully.

Step by Step Setting Up SQL Server Always On Availability Group

This post demonstrates how to build SQL-Server High Availability feature Always On. All the step by step building procedures make use of Virtual machine, Windows OS, Networks, Active Directory Domain, DNS, Firewall, SQL Server, Clustering, etc.


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Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions about how to build SQL 2019 Always On High Availability Group, feel free to contact us.

How to Apply the Latest Cumulative Update for SQL Server

This post demonstrates how to apply the latest CU( Cumulative Update ) on SQL server 2019.

1)Download the latest CU4( KB4548597 ) for SQL Server 2019 for Windows here.

2) Record the current SQL 2019 version.

3) Run “SQLServer2019-KB4548597-x64” as Administrator.

a) On “license Terms” page, choose “I accept the license terms and Privacy Statement”.

b) On “select features” page, select all the SQL server 2019 instances, shared features and all installed components.

c) On “Consent to install Microsoft R Open” page, click “Accept”.

d) On “Consent to install Python” page, click “Accept”.

e) On “Check Files in Use” page, stop all the services on the list, and click “refresh check” until no more processes listed.

f) On “Ready to update page” page, review the features list. click “Update” if everything is satisfied.

g) On “Update Process” page, monitor the patching process until it is complete.

Reboot the Windows Server if requested.

4) Verify the upgraded SQL 2019 version.

How to Enable Remote Connections to MSSQL Server

This post shows step by step on how to enable remote connections to a sql server by configuring ports and firewalls , etc.

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