How to Clone 19c Oracle RAC Home using Gold-Image

As we know “ ” script has been widely used for cloning Oracle binaries before 19c. But it is now deprecated since 19c.

This post demonstrates how to clone 19c Oracle Database RAC Home from one database server to another.

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3 thoughts on “How to Clone 19c Oracle RAC Home using Gold-Image”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your article.

    As I understand it, the settings “oracle.install.db.CLUSTER_NODES = racnode1, racnode2” should already be in your golden image.

    Then, in my case, I have 6 different clusters on 3 exadata (with dataguard replication on 3 other exadata).
    I must respectively patch a house on the 6 clusters, generate the gold image on each cluster and install the new house on each cluster as well …

    That’s right ?


  2. HI
    oracle.install.db.CLUSTER_NODES=racnode1,racnode2 can be in target response file, here I put in command line when duplicating ORACLE_HOME from golden image to target ( racnode1, racnode2).

    You only patch once against source ORACLE_HOME, then create a shareable golden image from this patched ORACLE_HOME. This golden image can be used to duplicate as many ORACLE_HOME as you want,

    hope it helps.


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