How to Import SMTP SSL Certificate Into OMS for Email Notifications

This post is to demonstrate how to import mail server  like Gmail SMTP SSL certificates into Oracle 13c OMS for sending email notifications.

Oracle should have automated this process to make DBA life easier.

Without importing mail server’s SMTP SSL certificates, you might get following errors when configuring and testing email notifications.

 Test failed with message: "Could not connect to SMTP host: 
 <smtp.domain>, port: <port>, response: -1" [SMTP Server: 
<smtp.domain>:<port>, User name:<username>,Secure Connection: TLS.
Test failed with message: "Exception reading response" ...
Test failed with message: "Can't send command to SMTP host" ...
Test failed with message: "Could not convert socket to TLS" ...
Test failed with message: "530 5.7.57 SMTP; Client was not 
authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM ...

This is because the SMTP server has been configured with a custom SSL certificate which needs to be imported into the Enterprise Manager.

Now we follow the following steps to manually import the Gmail SMTP server’s SSL certificate into the JDK used by the Oracle 13c OMS.

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Finally test mail server, and receive an email successfully.

Go to Oracle 13c Enterprise Manager Console -> Setup -> Notifications -> Mail Servers,
Click on ‘Test Mail Servers’ button and verify whether a test email is sent to the Email ID specified for the ‘Sender’s E-mail Address’ field.

The test email will contain one line with following content.

This test e-mail message from Oracle Enterprise Manager indicates a 
successful configuration of your e-mail address and mail server.

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