How to Apply Grid Infrastructure RU/RUR Patches Before Upgrading GI from to 18c

While upgrading GI from to 18c, in order to minimize the downtime and reduce the impact on PROD environment,  Release Update(RU) or Release Update Reversion(RUR) patches can be applied onto new 18c GI image before setting up 18c GI.

Please note this way is different from what we normally do to apply RU/RUR patches according to patch README.html instruction.

  • RU/RUR can only be applied before 18c GI is configured (in other word, before or is executed).
  • In this upgrade case, RU/RUR patches can only be applied onto the new 18c GI home,  patches are not to be applied to the existing (current) GI home.
  • “opatchauto” and “opatch apply” must NOT be used as the new 18c GI home hasn’t been configured yet.

Here is the example of applying both RU/RUR patches sequentially against new 18c GI before starting to upgrade GI to 18c.

Those following two patches will be applied on 18c GI gold imagine:

  • Patch 28828717 – GI Release Update
  • Patch 29231062 – GI Release Update Revision

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