Step by Step Installing Oracle 12c GI and RAC on Linux 7 Using VirtualBox

Great start to build your own RAC with detailed instructions and explanations. For building 18c/19c/20c GI/RAC, this post is still helpful. After completing this lab, you should be in better position as an Oracle RAC DBA.



This article describes the detailed step by step installation of Oracle Database 12c  ( 64-bit) GI and RAC on Linux (Oracle Linux 7.1 64-bit) using VirtualBox (5.0.10). It applies to Oracle 18c and 19c GI and RAC as well.

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7 thoughts on “Step by Step Installing Oracle 12c GI and RAC on Linux 7 Using VirtualBox”

  1. Hello Dbalifeeasy!
    First of all thank you for the amazing and very time consuming work of creating this guidance!
    I am trying to follow your steps and have few questions so far. Most of them are related to the network configuration.

    The Section “OS Installation”, Step 4
    The second screenshot “” shows configuration for the Enp0s8 (is it rac-priv adapter?),
    and the IP address there is “”
    Please note: it is 61 there.

    Later in the section “Configure Bind DNS” step 5 it reads the IP addresses 51 and 52 in the following lines
    “racnode1-priv A”
    and later
    “racnode2-priv A”

    Also in the “step 6. Create the reverse zone file racnode1” we see 51 and 52 again
    “ PTR racnode1-priv.virtuallab”
    “ PTR racnode2-priv.virtuallab”

    And later in the section “Configure Second Linux VM” step “4. Setup network interfaces accordingly.”
    the screenshot “” shows again the IP address 61

    Is that correct for the second node? Same IP address as node 1 in step 4?
    In that case why the BIND is configured for 51 and 52?

    Can you please advise what would be correct and consistent values of IP addresses there?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Oleg,
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      Sorry about for replaying you late.
      Yes, Enp0s8 is rac-priv adapter, you are correct!
      Yes, you are correct, second node should be

      It is old way ( pre 11gR2 ) for BIND is configured for VIP as 51 and 52.
      For after 11gR2, a cluster created HAIP ( 169.254.x.x ) is created and attached to Priv interface. This HAIP is used as private IP, instead of the old private host(IP). in this case, will not be used for after 11gGR2 GI.

      when you run “ifconfig -a”, you will see similar:

      enp0s8: flags=4163 mtu 1500
      inet netmask broadcast


      enp0s8:1: flags=4163 mtu 1500
      inet netmask broadcast
      ether 08:00:27:f8:0e:13 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)

      You won’t see any in 12c GI.

      Wish my answer helps. Please let me know if still any issues.

      DBA Life Easy


    2. Hello Oleg,
      I just had a chance to review this blog, and found it is my fault with typo. I have corrected them accordingly.

      The private IP for node1 and node2 are, respectively.


  2. Hi dbalifeeasy,Thanks for your great article.
    I have followed exactly same method you have described … however, after I configured the setup for nslooup,( nslookup is working FINE ), I am not able to connect with the INTERNET ( though it was working fine before ), could you please assist me on this.


    1. Hi Indranil,
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      In terms of INTERNET connection, please double check Adapter 3 ( NAT ) tab to make sure Enable Network Adapter. NAT interface is in charge of connecting to internet.
      Good luck !

      DBA Life Easy


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