Truncate a Table of Other User

In order to truncate a table of other user, the DROP ANY TABLE system privilege is required. Without granting this powerful privilege, instead, a procedure is created and granted to the user who can truncate other user’s tables.

In this example, user B is able to truncate table TEST of user A without needing “DROP ANY TABLE” system privilege.

1) In schema A, create a procedure called “truncate_tab”:

SQL>show user


SQL>create or replace procedure truncate_tab (tab_name IN varchar2) 
   execute immediate 'truncate table '||tab_name ; 

2) Grant execute on procedure truncate_tab to user B:

SQL>show user


SQL>grant execute on a.truncate_tab to B;

Grant succeeded.

3) Truncate table A.TEST by user A:

SQL>show user


SQL> exec a.truncate_tab('TEST');

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.