ohasd failed to start


1) Two RAC nodes( racnode1/2). Deleted node racnode2 . Upgraded OS from RHEL 4  to RHEL 7 for racnode2, then tried to add node racnode2 back into cluster .

2) export IGNORE_PREADDNODE_CHECKS=Y, Ran addnode.sh ->  orainstRoot.sh->root.sh, then got “ohasd failed to start” error.

ohasd failed to start
Failed to start the Clusterware. Last 20 lines of the alert log follow:
2017-07-24 16:11:23.098:
[client(11401)]CRS-2101:The OLR was formatted using version 3.
2017-07-24 16:11:24.001:
[client(11424)]CRS-1001:The OCR was formatted using version 3.

ohasd failed to start at /u01/app/ line 377, line 4.


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