Create an Incident Rule for Metric Extension ( ME ) to Monitor FRA Used in OEM

Step by step demonstrates how to create an incident rule for a Metric Extension ( ME).

In another post, we created a Metric Extension (ME) to Monitor FRA Usage on OEM. Here we need create an Incident Rule for creating an incident and notification for all events of Warning or Critical.

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8) After a couple of minutes, the below alert is received:

Target type=Cluster Database 
Target name=RACTEST
Message=The value of Flash Recovery Area % Used for +FRA is 80 
Event reported time=Dec 22, 2016 3:08:43 AM EST 
Target Lifecycle Status=TEST
Comment=RACTEST CLuster
Operating System=Linux
Associated Incident Id=209693 
Associated Incident Status=New 
Associated Incident Owner=TESTUSER
Associated Incident Acknowledged By Owner=No 
Associated Incident Priority=High 
Associated Incident Escalation Level=0 
Event Type=Metric Alert 
Event name=ME$RACRecoveryAreaSpace:FRA_PERCENT_USED 
Metric Group=ME$RACRecoveryAreaSpace
Metric value=80
Key Value=+FRA
Key Column 1=FRA_NAME
Rule Name=RACTEST Ruleset,Flash Recovery Area Percent Used for ME 
Update Details:
The value of Flash Recovery Area % Used for +FRA is 80
Incident created by rule (Name = RACTEST Ruleset, Flash Recovery Area Percent Used for ME; Owner = TESTUSER).