ExaCC: How to Run ExaCLI

ExaCLI offers a subset of the commands found in the on-premises Exadata command line utility. The utility runs on the database compute nodes in the Exadata Cloud Service.

Find the Name of the VM Cluster

Run the following command as GI user ( grid ).

[grid@racnode1 ~]$ crsctl get cluster name
CRS-6724: Current cluster name is 'usa2598clu01cb1'

Find Password

The password for cloud_user_clustername is initially set to a random value, which you can view by running the following command as as opc user on any cluster node.

[opc@racnode1 ~]$ /opt/exacloud/get_cs_data.py -h
usage: get_cs_data.py [-h] [--dataonly]
Obtain secrets stored during provisioning
optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --dataonly  data only output

[opc@racnode1 ~]$ /opt/exacloud/get_cs_data.py --dataonly

As per Oracle doc, the following command should be run but not working, it seems due to ‘get_cs_data.py’ version difference.

[opc@racnode1 ~]$ /opt/exacloud/get_cs_data.py --data_file /opt/exacloud/cs_data.enc
usage: get_cs_data.py [-h] [--dataonly]
get_cs_data.py: error: unrecognized arguments: --data_file /opt/exacloud/cs_data.enc

Connect to a Storage Server with ExaCLI

Find Target Storage Server’s IP Address

[root@racnode1 ~]#cat /etc/oracle/cell/network-config/cellip.oracle

Run ExaCLI Command

#exacli -c cloud_user_usa2598clu01cb1@ -e LIST IORMPLAN DETAIL

Password: ***************
         name:                   usa2598clu01cb1_IORMPLAN
         objective:              auto
         status:                 active

If you are connecting to a storage cell for the first time using ExaCLI, you may be prompted to accept an SSL certificate. The ExaCLI output in this case will look like the following:

#exacli -c cloud_user_usa2598clu01cb1@ -e LIST IORMPLAN DETAIL
EXA-30016: This connection is not secure. You have asked ExaCLI to connect to cell securely. The identity of cannot be verified.
Got certificate from server:
C=US,ST=California,L=Redwood City,O=Oracle Corporation,OU=Oracle Exadata,CN=localhost
Do you want to accept and store this certificate? (Press y/n)

Accept the self-signed Oracle certificate by pressing “y” to continue using ExaCLI.


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