Privileges Consideration when Refresh Oracle Schema

When DBA refreshes an Oracle schema or objects, privileges should be taken care carefully , specially for long time running complex environment.

After dropping a schema, all the granted privileges will be lost. So before refresh, DBA should record all the privileges granted to users, roles, etc.

Export a Schema from Source Database

$ expdp Username/Password directory=  dumpfile= logfile= SCHEMAS= FLASHBACK_TIME=systimestamp

Record / Extract the Granted Privileges

Granted Column Privileges

SQL> select * from dba_col_privs where GRANTOR='SCHEMANAME';

Here ‘SCHEMANAME’ is the schema to be refreshed.

Granted Objects Privileges


Other privileges you may be interested from following views:

  • User_role_privs, dba_role_privs ( Users granted with with roles )
  • User_sys_privs, dba_sys_privs
  • Role_role_privs, role_sys_privs, role_tab_privs
  • Session_privs, session_roles

Refresh Schema

Drop Schema Objects

 SQL> select 'drop '||object_type|| ' '||owner||'.'||object_name ||' ;' from dba_objects where owner='SCHEMANAME';

Import Schema by Data Pump

$ impdp username/password directory= dumpfile= logfile= schemas=sourceschemaname remap_schema= remap_tablespace=

Fix Invalid Objects

Fix all invalid objects, check all synonyms, etc

Collect Stats


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