ORA-01033 When Adding Standby Database into Data Guard Configuration

The following errors occur when adding a standby database to DG:

DGMGRL> add database 'stdby_db'  as connect identifier is 'stdby_db'  maintained as physical;
Error: ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress



Make sure the password file is copied from primary database, and configured properly in RAC:

On standby database server:

$ srvctl config database -d stdby_db
Password file:             <======= password file is not on ASM and will be read from $ORACLE_HOME/dbs instead

Copy the correct password file from Primary’s ASM to the Standby’s ASM and modify the password file path in OCR:

$ srvctl modify database -d stdby_db -pwfile <ASM path for the password file>