asmcmd pwcopy password file into ‘DB_UNKNOWN’ directory

When trying to copy password file of primary databases for standby database, unfortunately the password file was located into a directory called “DB_UNKNOWN”.

$ asmcmd pwcopy /tmp/orapwTESTDB +DATAC1/TESTDB/PASSWORD/
copying /tmp/orapwTESTDB -> +DATAC1/TESTDB/PASSWORD/orapwTESTDB
$ asmcmd
ASMCMD> ls -lt
Type      Redund  Striped  Time             Sys  Name
PASSWORD  HIGH    COARSE   JUL 16 14:00:00  Y    pwdtestdb.372.1078064659
PASSWORD  HIGH    COARSE   JUL 16 17:00:00  N    orapwtestdb => +DATAC1/DB_UNKNOWN/PASSWORD/pwddb_unknown.266.1078077567


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Finally you need modify the database configuration to use the new password file:

$ srvctl modify database -d TESTDB  -pwfile +DATAC1/TESTDB/PASSWORD/pwdtestdb.372.1078078773

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