How to Upgrade AWS RDS PostgreSQL With Extensions(2)

In another post “how to upgrade aws rds Postgresql with extensions(1)” we have demonstrated how to upgrade AWS PostgreSQL RDS 9.5.23-R1 to AWS PostgreSQL RDS 9.6.20-R1 with PostGIS extension. According to AWS doc about PostGIS extension:

If a database uses the PostGIS extension, you can’t skip major versions for some source to target combinations. For these circumstances, upgrade in steps to the next major version one step at a time until you reach the desired target version.

So in this post, we will show how to upgrade AWS PostgreSQL RDS 9.6.20-R1 with PostGIS extension to AWS PostgreSQL RDS 10.15-R1.

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Tasks of After Major Version Upgrade

  • Run the ANALYZE operation to refresh the pg_statistic table.
  • Optionally, use Amazon RDS to view two logs that the pg_upgrade utility produces. These are pg_upgrade_internal.log and pg_upgrade_server.log. Amazon RDS appends a timestamp to the file name for these logs. You can view these logs as you can any other log. For more information, see Amazon RDS database log files.You can also upload the upgrade logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. For more information, see Publishing PostgreSQL logs to CloudWatch Logs.
  • To verify that everything works as expected, test your application on the upgraded database with a similar workload. After the upgrade is verified, you can delete this test instance.

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