Use emcli Command To Get Target Detailed Information

1) emcli login:

$ emcli login -username='sysman'
Enter password :

Login successful

2) To get all targets:

$ emcli get_targets

3) To get all the RAC databases only:

$ emcli get_targets -target='rac_database'

4) To list rac database TESTDB details:

$emcli list -resource="Targets" -search="TARGET_NAME='TESTDB'" 


$emcli list -resource="Targets" -search="TARGET_NAME='TESTDB'" 

5) Also we can run sql query to get target information. To check rac database TESTDB is primary or standby database:

 from sysman.mgmt\$target where TARGET_NAME='TESTDB'"

TESTDB      rac_database Physical Standby

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