12c opatchauto : Prerequisite check “CheckApplicable” failed

It is a good practice to copy and unzip GI patches with grid user

Using “opatchauto” to apply Jan2018 GI PSU onto 12R1 GI HOME, got “Prerequisite check “CheckApplicable” failed errors.

 # /u01/app/ apply /tmp/27010872 
   -oh /u01/app/
Bringing down CRS service on home /u01/app/
Prepatch operation log file location: /u01/app/
CRS service brought down successfully on home /u01/app/

Start applying binary patch on home /u01/app/
Failed while applying binary patches on home /u01/app/

Execution of [OPatchAutoBinaryAction] patch action failed, check log 
for more details. Failures:
Patch Target : racnode1->/u01/app/ Type[crs]
Details: [
---------------------------Patching Failed--------------------------
Command execution failed during patching in home: /u01/app/
grid, host: racnode1.
Command failed: /u01/app/ apply 
 /tmp/27010872 -oh /u01/app/ -target_type cluster 
 -binary -invPtrLoc /u01/app/ -jre 
/u01/app/ -persistresult /u01/app/
-analyzedresult /u01/app/

Command failure output:
==Following patches FAILED in apply:

Patch: /tmp/27010872/26925218
Log: /u01/app/
Reason:Failed during Patching: oracle.opatch.opatchsdk.OPatchException:
Prerequisite check "CheckApplicable" failed.

After fixing the cause of failure Run opatchauto resume

OPATCHAUTO-68061: The orchestration engine failed.
OPATCHAUTO-68061: The orchestration engine failed with return code 1
OPATCHAUTO-68061: Check the log for more details.
OPatchAuto failed.

OPatchauto session completed at Tue Jan 23 15:56:55 2018
Time taken to complete the session 6 minutes, 39 seconds

Chech opatch logfile:

[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Space Needed : 3191.113MB
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Prereq checkPatchApplicableOnCurrentPlatform 
Passed for patch : 26925218
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Patch 26925218:
 onewaycopyAction : Source File "/tmp/27010872/26925218/files/crs/install
/dropdb.pl" does not exists or is not readable
 'oracle.crs,': Cannot copy file from 'dropdb.pl' to 
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Prerequisite check "CheckApplicable" failed.
 The details are:

Patch 26925218:
 onewaycopyAction : Source File "/tmp/27010872/26925218/files/crs/
install/dropdb.pl" does not exists or is not readable
 'oracle.crs,': Cannot copy file from 'dropdb.pl' to 
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [SEVERE] OUI-67073:UtilSession failed:
 Prerequisite check "CheckApplicable" failed.
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Finishing UtilSession at Tue Jan 23 15:56:55 AEDT 2018
[Jan 23, 2018 3:56:55 PM] [INFO] Log file location: /u01/app/

Check “dropdb.pl” file from unziped patch. the owner is oracle.

# ls -ltr /tmp/27010872/26925218/files/crs/install/dropdb.pl
-rwx------ 1 oracle oinstall 3541 Jan 6 07:48 /tmp/27010872/26925218/

The patch file was unzipped by RAC  user ‘oracle’  instead of GI owner ‘grid’. Change this file owner to grid, and run “opatchauto resume” to continue the patching successfully.

#chown grid /tmp/27010872/26925218/files/crs/install/dropdb.pl
#/u01/app/ resume


12c opatchauto: Prerequisite check “CheckApplicable” failed (Doc ID 1937982.1)


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