datapatch -verbose Fails with Error “patch xxxxxxxx: Archived patch directory is empty”

Always keeps ORACLE_HOME applied patches consistent in situations like cloning ORALE_HOME, switching database role in DataGuard


“datapatch -verbose” failes on database with following errors:

$ ./datapatch -verbose -skip_upgrade_check
Error: prereq checks failed!
 patch 22139226: Archived patch directory is empty
Prereq check failed, exiting without installing any patches.

Check $ORACLE_HOME/sqlpatch, there is no files for patch 22139226 to be used for rollback.

$ ls -ltr $ORACLE_HOME/sqlpatch|grep 22139226


  1. The database is just migrated from old ORACLE_HOME to a new ORACLE_HOME.
  2. The database is just switched over or failed over. The applied patches are different between ORACLE_HOME of primary and standby.


Copy missing patch files from the old ORACLE_HOME, or from standby ORACLE_HOME to primary ORACLE_HOME.


datapatch -verbose Fails with Error :” Patch xxxxxx: Archived Patch Directory Is Empty” (Doc ID 2235541.1).


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