OPATCHAUTO-68021: The following argument(s) are required: [-wallet]

Always download and apply the latest version of Opatch utility

When applying “Patch 27100009 – Grid Infrastructure Jan 2018 Release Update (GI RU)”, get errors from auto opatch:

# /u01/app/ apply  /PATCHES/
System initialization log file is /u01/app/
Session log file is /u01/app/

OPATCHAUTO-68021: Missing required argument(s).
OPATCHAUTO-68021: The following argument(s) are required: [-wallet]
OPATCHAUTO-68021: Provide the required argument(s).
Oracle OPatchAuto Version
Copyright (c) 2016, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    This operation applies patch.

The workaround is to use latest version of Opatch ( or higher).


Manually create a wallet in 12.2 as per “Creation of opatchauto wallet in 12.2 in (Doc ID 2270185.1)”.


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