ME ( Metric Extension ) Metric Is Not Collected For Some Databases

By default, ME metric will not be collected if associated target has a severity on response:state metric. So override this default by explicitly choosing Advanced option while creating ME.

For some databases, ME ( Metric Extension ) is not collecting data. But for the rest databases, it is working fine.


Checking the ME ( Metric Extension ) definition and found an advanced option is not selected.


After creating a new version of this ME ( Metric Extension ) by checking this mentioned option, it works fine.

The reason is  this database has frequent Warning/Critical response metric alert. like  :


Event Type=Metric Alert
Event name=Server_Adaptive_Threshold_Metric:instance_efficiency__response_time_pt
Metric Group=Server_Adaptive_Threshold_Metric
Metric=Response Time Per Txn
Metric value=258.497253691275
Key Value=SYSTEM
Rule Owner=
Update Details:
Metrics “Response Time Per Txn” is at 258.497
Incident created by rule (Name = Incident management rule set for all targets, Create incident for critical metric alerts [System generated rule]).