Create a Metric Extension (ME) to Monitor FRA Usage on OEM

OEM Metric Extension (ME) is a great feature for developing customized metrics, which are unavailable by default.

As we know “Archive Area % Used” metric does not work for using FRA as archive destination when the destination is set to USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST. We only receive after “Recovery Area % Used” metric triggers when it hits a Warning threshold of 85% full, and Critical of 97% full.

But the fixed thresholds of 85( Warning )/97( Critical) is not good enough for handling FRA full. So we develop a customized more flexible way to  monitor and alert when FRA is used as archive destination.

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So, the Metric Extension ( ME) is created successfully, in another post, we will create a Incident Rule which will create an incident and notification for all the over threshold Warning and Critical alerts.

Further more, we will create a Corrective Action against this Metric Extension ( ME ) to to a archive log backup automatically.

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