Oracle Revenue Management and Billing ( ORMB ) Security Utility OraGenSec

To generate security for ORMB by using “OraGenSec.exe

Here is an example of how to run ORMB security utility — OraGenSec.exe.

1) Make sure database vault must be disabled before running. To check database vault is enabled or not.

     WHERE PARAMETER = 'Oracle Database Vault';

PARAMETER              VALUE    CON_ID
---------------------- -------- --------------
Oracle Database Vault  FALSE    0

2) Execute the OraGenSec.exe utility.

d:\RMB\RMB-V2.\RMB\Security>set JAVA_HOME=d:\RMB\jdk1.8.0_112
d:\RMB\RMB-V2.\RMB\Security>set TNS_ADMIN=D:\oracle

d:\RMB\RMB-V2.\RMB\Security>where OraGenSec.exe


Enter the application read-only user or Schema Owner in the database: CISADM

Enter the password for the CISADM user:

Enter the name of the Oracle database: ORMB

Enter a comma-separated list of Oracle users in which synonyms need to be created (e.g. cisuser,cisread): CISUSER,CISREAD

Select the following options:

(A/a): Generate security for All objects in the Database?

(O/o): Generate security for specific Objects inputted in this terminal?

(F/f): Generate security for specific objects generated from an input File?

You have chosen to generate security for all objects in the database.

Connecting to the Target Database ...
User Name : CISADM
Database Name : ORMB

Generating Security ...

Security privileges and Synonyms generated successfully, Now Exiting ...

Press Enter to Continue ...


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