How to Check if TDE ( Transparent Data Encryption ) is Enabled in Oracle Database

TDE ( Transparent Data Encryption ) encryption is table column level
TSE ( Tablespace Encryption ) encryption in table space level

To check if tablespace is encrypted :

SQL>SELECT tablespace_name, encrypted, status FROM dba_tablespaces;

------------------------------ --- ---------
SYSTEM                         NO  ONLINE
SYSAUX                         NO  ONLINE
UNDOTBS1                       NO  ONLINE
TEMP                           NO  ONLINE
UNDOTBS2                       NO  ONLINE
UNDOTBS3                       NO  ONLINE
UNDOTBS4                       NO  ONLINE
USERS                          YES ONLINE

To check if you have encrypted columns:

SQL> SELECT * FROM dba_encrypted_columns;

OWNER                TABLE_NAME           COLUMN_NAME          ENCRYPTION_ALG                SAL INTEGRITY_AL
-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ----------------------------- --- ------------
HR                    EMPLOYEE             SALARY               AES 192 bits key              YES SHA-1

You might question the above method even there is NO encrypted tables or tablespaces, it does not mean the database has NOT been configured TDE before.

The following will confirm your database has been configured TDE or not, even there is no encrypted tables or tablespaces in database now.

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